Coinbase wallet Openocean Dex

Coinbase wallet Openocean Dex custom token swap.

This video shows step by step how to swap our Polygon custom token, Emicoin, on a mobile device, using Coinbase wallet and Openocean dex.

Coinbase wallet is one of the most popular cryptowallet for mobile devices.

For simplicity, Openocean is called Dex but the correct definition is “Dex’s aggregator”.
Openocean compares the pools of various Dexs to find the best exchange rate between two tokens.

Emicoin crypto airdrop

A contribution to Emicoin project can be done in Ocraware Website.
But to convince you of our good faith, we prefer you click on the links below to go on de-fi Dex aggregators:

And find your best deal by importing the EMI token.
We also highly recommend search better swap conditions and pooling your EMI to take profit on:

Below the token address to copy in case your favorite cryptowallet or Polygon Network Dex requires it.

Token address:

View EMI on Polygonscan

Link and tutorials: