The Emicoin project

We don’t want to be an Exchange but a quick and low-cost alternative to it.

Our philosophy is not to sell cryptocurrencies and earn commissions, but to enhance our project.

So it is our interest to give everyone our token directly in the crypto wallet without charging any fees.

In one step, quickly, on the Polygon network.

Then, it will be up to the owner to decide how to use it.

It may be traded against other cryptocurrencies in DEXs.

It may be stacked in liquidity pools.

Or, as we’ll explain later, it could be used to pay for our services.

Based on this philosophy, we have structured our business model.

We created our own Erc-20 token called “EmiCoin”.

The prefix of this name, “Emi”, comes from the Latin verb “emere” which means “to obtain”.

It is the first person singular perfect tense, so the English translation is “I got”.

As our Latin word says, the purpose of our project is to give the possibility of having EMI directly on Polygon wallets, without registrations, bridging and giving the possibility of obtaining small amounts of money.