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The main goal of Emicon project is to offer a token and allow people to get crypto on Polygon network.

But we do not sell cryptocurrencies.

Nowadays, getting a cryptocurrency asset directly to a Polygon wallet is not an easy process.
There are some steps to take that aren’t always that intuitive. Moreover they involve time, fees, and / or bridging.

Emicon’s purpose is to avoid going through lengthy registration processes, bridging the expense of Ethereum, time, fees and gases.
Especially for those who want to change a small amount of money to buy crypto without KYC.

Buy crypto on polygon network - Emicoin

Not an Exchange a crypto token solution

Yes, because we don’t want to be an Exchange and make money on commissions, but to value our project as a low-cost alternative to the CEX process.

We accept free contributions for this idea, but we can guarantee that every cent raised will be used to give a capitalization and value to the token, investing it in liquidity pools and in the development of our project.

Be part of it!

The only thing to do is a quick contribution to get crypto on Polygon network to obtain EMI directly on the wallet as a free airdrop.
Just a quick filling of a simple form with only two fields: the amount of USD and the address of the Polygon wallet.

Once the EMI tokens are obtained, the owners will be free to use them as they wish.Exchange them on the decentralized market, wait for the right moment to trade or, better, take profits in liquidity pools.

We do not guarantee to be making megabucks right away, because we aren’t scammers.
But we can ensure we will work hard to gratify the investors who decide to trust the Emicoin project.

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Emicoin crypto airdrop

A contribution to the Emicoin project can be made on the Ocraware website.
To convince you of our good faith, we prefer that you click on the links below to visit decentralized finance (DeFi) DEX aggregators:

Discover the best deals by importing the EMI token.
We also highly recommend exploring optimal swap conditions and pooling your EMI to maximize profits on:

Below the token address for copying in case your favorite crypto wallet or a Polygon Network Dex requires it.

Token address:

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