Emicoin project startup

We have invested our money in liquidity pools of USDC/EMI and USDT/EMI on DEX (starting with Uniswap and Quickswap) to give a base price to our token.

In this way we will have a daily exchange rate from fiat USD to EMI, calculated on the basis of the most important stable coins USD 1:1.

We have developed a USD-EMI exchange webpage where we show a chart and explain how we estimate the rate on our “EMI calculator”.

We accept project contributions and can guarantee that all money raised, minus transaction fees, will be staked in pools.

As a thank you to contributors, we will send them Emicoin based on the USD paid, as calculated by the USD-EMI calculator.

Thus, all contributors will be able to exchange their EMI token for stable USD tokens or others in the DEX whenever they wish.

Obviously we encourage all the investors to put their EMI in pools too, to give consistency and liquidity to the token in all the DEXs.

In addition, we will use a portion of the funds in other pools to diversify investments and grow the value of the cryptocurrency faster by countering market volatility.

Also, at this stage we will need a strong marketing strategy and social network activity to entice people to exchange their cryptocurrencies for EMI, thus increasing the value of the cryptocurrency faster.

All of this job will be done with our own unpaid work and personal investments.